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Coronado Lot Sizes and Land Prices 

    Lot Sizes 

    The standard lot in the Village is 3,500 square feet, measured as 25 feet x 140 feet, and the double-lot is 7,000 square feet, measured as 50 feet x 140 feet.   

    Somewhat frequently in the Village, you will find a 5,600 square foot lot, measured as 40 feet by 140 feet. 

    There are irregularly sized lots.  The smallest that I have seen in recent years is 1,700 square feet.  The largest I have seen is 14,000 square feet. 

    The Country Club area on the other side of Alameda has all larger lots, ranging from 7,500 square feet to 14,000 square feet. 

    Land Prices 

    There are almost no empty lots in Coronado.  Therefore, when I quote lot prices below, I mean a lot with a tear-down home on it. 

    The land price for a 3,500 square foot lot in the Village will be between $800,000 and $1,200,000.  The price will depend on location and zoning.  Most such lots sell for about $1,000,000. 

    The land price for a 7,000 square foot lot in the Village without an ocean or bay view will be between $1,400,000 and $2,200,000.  The price will depend on location and zoning.   Most such lots sell for about $1,800,000 million. 

    Over-sized Country Club lots sell for $1,500,000 to $2,500,000.  Prices rise in conjunction with square footage of the lot, which can vary widely in the Country Club area, and proximity to the ocean.   

    Ocean front lots sell for $5 million to $6 million.  Bay front lots sell for $8 million to $12 million.   

Construction Costs in Coronado 

Coronado contractors will tell you that the price per square foot for new construction in Coronado is between $225 and $350.   

I find price per square foot conversations to be unhelpful because so much depends on what gets counted in the square footage (for example, is the contractor counting the roof deck, which is more expensive to build than a bedroom?) and whether the contractor includes soft costs like permit costs, school taxes and architect and engineering fees. 

I find it more helpful to talk about actual completed projects and what it cost to build.   

    1516 5th Street cost approximately $750,000, inclusive of soft costs, for a very nice 4 bedroom home measuring 3,300 square feet.  That was a 2005-2006 price, though, and prices have gone up since.   

    The two town homes we built at 500 D Avenue cost approximately $1,100,000, inclusive of soft costs, and the total livable area excluding the roof decks and balconies is approximately 4,500 square feet.   

    To build two detached homes sharing one 3,500 square foot lot (see, for example, 744 G Avenue), you will pay approximately $975,000, inclusive of soft costs. 

  Coronado Contractors 

      Epoxy Floors: (619) 865-1194

Mike's epoxy floors are a work of art. He has done the floors of several of     the top Coronado homes built over the last five years.
  Bartocci Development: (619) 522-6789
This is Joe Belmonte's company.  I have no direct experience with Joe, but he seems to be a good man who does quality work.  See 121 J Avenue for an example home. 

  Tony Falletta: (619) 318-3125 

      My favorite Falletta project is Tony’s own home at 744 G Avenue.  Tony is so busy with his various detached condo projects that it is difficult to get his attention and into his rotation.  

    Gillem Construction: (619) 437-8040 

      I know little about Gillem, but he seems to do solid work.  Recent Gillem projects are at 1120 Pine Street and 116 E Avenue.

    The Jackman Group: (619) 435-7025

One of the big three in Coronado construction for high end residential construction (see the others below).  The Jackman Group has a project on Ocean Avenue now.  The Jackman Group is known for being very good.  Harry Jackman says they have adjusted their pricing to match the times and will even take on projects on a fixed fee basis. 

Lifetime Construction: (760) 802-1739 

Mark is an out of town builder who builds in Coronado.  He tends to be less expensive than Coronado contractors.  Mark’s most recent projects are 811 I Avenue and 628/632 J Avenue, which can be viewed at  He is currently remodeling a home on Flora -- look for the Lifetime sign.

    Lorton Mitchell: (619) 435-3125

One of the big three in Coronado construction for high end residential construction.  I have no direct experience with Lorton, other than asking him to bid on, which he declined to do.  He told me he would not bid on the plans against other bidders, and if I wanted to use him I needed to select him and he would work with me on costs.   

Lyons Construction: (619) 884-8617 

Exemplar Bill Lyons’ work can be found at 731 Balboa and 1516 5th Street (near the golf course).  I have no direct experience with Bill, but he has a reputation for building high end or low end homes depending on the budget he is given.  He has been building in Coronado for a long-time, and will forever be associated with the long-tall-narrow homes on the 25 x 140 lots, the “Billybox.” 

Perry & Pappenhausen: (619) 562-1087 

One of the big three in Coronado construction for high end residential construction.  P&P has been the most active Coronado builder in the $5 million+ range over the last several years.  P&P is building homes on the bay, Ocean Boulevard and at The standard cost model is cost + 18%. My experience with P&P on was been very positive.  

Pinnacle Peak Custom Homes: (602) 515-3626 

Pinnacle Peak is a high end construction company (think P&P or Jackman Group) from Arizona that is establishing a presence in Coronado. Pinnacle Peak does very high end work, with several homes in the $5 to $8 million range, and does so at prices that seem to be much more competitive relative to the Coronado competition. My intuition tells me that in the coming years the big three in Coronado high end construction will become the big four, and Pinnacle Peak will be among them. 

SJC Custom Homes: (619) 987-3950

Most recent projects include 1115 Isabella and 500 D Avenue.   Pricing is in the upper-mid range. SJC just completed two homes on the 800 block of I Ave that turned out very nice.

    Coronado Municipal Code for Building 

    Helpful contacts at the City of Coronado for building 

      Peter Fait: (619) 522-2414 

        Peter was one of the drafters of the revised code, and in my opinion, he knows the code better than anyone else in Coronado. 

      Ann McCaul: (619) 522-7328 

        In addition to being an associate planner at the city, Ann advises the historic committee.  She is your first point of contact for historic committee related questions.  If your home is 75 years or older, call her before you get too far with your building plans. 

      Tony Pena: (619) 522-7326 

        Tony is the Director of Community Development.  I have no direct experience with Tony, but he has a reputation for being fair. 

      David Schmidt: (619) 522-7328 

        David is the person to call regarding plan check and fee related questions.  He will often be the face that you see if you go down to the counter at the city. 

      John Swanson: (619) 522-2416 

        John is often tasked with the in-field inspections. 

    Trade Contacts for Coronado

      Air Conditioning

         Jason Baer of Baer Air Conditioning: (619) 328-5900

          Recommended to me by a friend who says Jason is efficient and reasonably-priced.

      Alarm Systems

        Brad Amos of Mission Security: (619) 316-4851

          Recommended to me by a client, who says Brad is honest and reasonable. 



        Home Depot/Expo: (858) 974-0600 

        Standards of Excellence: (858) 274-6004 

        Sears outlet store: (619) 497-1123 

          I love this place.  You won’t find the highest end appliances (e.g., Viking), but you will find everything else at a great price. 


        Christian Rice: (619) 203-6820 

          Past projects include and Christian is the best I know at artfully fitting a nice-sized home on our tiny Coronado lots. His standard pricing is 10% of the construction budget. 

        Patrick McInerney: (619) 994-7991

        Patrick Recently returned to Coronado from London, where his clients included Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer and Tom Ford.  Patrick has one Coronado project on the 900 block of H.

        Dorothy Howard: (619) 435-6496

        I have no direct experience with Dorothy, but she seems like a nice woman and has been a part of a lot of Coronado projects that have turned out great. 


        Dennis Webb: (619) 435-2568 


        Doors Etc.: (619) 275-6151

        Ask for John Fielder, who handled the doors at and

        Dixieline: (619) 465-4242 


        Kevin Burt: (619) 813-8124

        Kevin has been working as an electrician in Coronado since 1970.  He has a reputation for honesty and great work.

        Barry Farnum: (619) 575-1941 

          Barry is nice, honest and fair.  I have used him on small projects and larger ones like 500 D Avenue. 


        Gordon McKey: (619) 435-2313 

          Recommended to me by contractor Scott Jennings.  I have no personal experience with Gordon. 


Brody/Fine Line Hardwood: (760) 807-7780

Brody put nice floors into for a very competitive price.  I have recommended him several times since and received positive feedback. 

      Garage doors 

        Mike Habecker (Golden State Garage Doors): (619) 520-9051 

          For 500 D Avenue, Mike beat the quote from Access Garage doors by approximately 33%.  Mike works on Lorton Mitchell projects and comes highly recommended.  We used him again for and were pleased.

        Access Garage Doors: (858) 793-8999 


        Armando: (619) 200-5791

        Jose: (619) 210-5379

      Glass work 

        Sean: (619) 750-9471 

        Carl’s Glass and Window: (619) 442-0541 

        Coronado Hardware: (619) 435-2266


Alma: +01152 (664) 188-1140

If you can tolerate the logistical challenge of working with a vendor from Mexico, Alma and her crew do wonderful work at 50% of the US cost.


        Coronado Hardware: (619) 435-2266 

          More expensive than Home Depot but you don’t have to drive to Home Depot and, unlike Home Depot, you get immediate assistance by people who know their products. 

        Village Hardware: (619) 435-8032 


        John (Coronado Hauling): (619) 435-2948

        Ian (Blue Ox Hauling): (619) 446-9333  

      Landscape design 

        Randy Taggert of Outside Matters: (619) 322-8066 

        Tim Allen: (619) 435-6562 


        Chism Brothers: (858) 454-3850

        Expensive but very good.  We used Chism for the cabinets at 500 D. 

        Brian Parrot: (619) 435-8775   


        Bay & Shore Company: (619) 435-2132 

        Jim at Coronado Plumbing: (619) 435-3724 (w) and (619) 575-5536 (c)

        I have never used Jim personally, but he comes highly recommended from a great client of mine.

      Structural Engineering 

        John Dorow: (619) 435-1730

        Oscar, Lovelace Engineering, (858) 535-9111 x303

    Window Coverings and Blinds 

        3 Day Blinds La Jolla: (858) 587-0553

        Coronado Floor and Window: (619) 435-2261

        Island Floor & Window Covering: (619) 435-3551

        (I have never used these companies, but include them as a reference.)



      The primary building zones for residential construction in Coronado are the R1-A, R1-B and R3 zones.   Following the revisions to the Coronado code that became effective in July 2005, the R3 zone is the most favorable building zone.  Contact me for explanation as to why.

      Please click on the link below to view the current Coronado zoning map:


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